Dear victim of school bullying…

Dear victim of school bullying,

School is meant to be the one place where you can be your complete self. Your friends are ones who are going to be with you every single day until you are about eighteen years old. Your memories are the ones you are going to remember when your future child attends their first day of school. So, why is bullying still such a huge issue around the world? I leave this one to the adults. If you send your child to a school, make sure they are raised the right way. Teach them to love. Teach them to be supportive. Teach them to encourage. And most importantly teach them to stand up for other children. Often bullying occurs when a child is suffering difficult circumstances at home, but of course, this never gives any child the right to treat another child like crap – especially in a place that is meant to be a child’s safe haven.

If your child is being bullied at school, understand that things may become a little bit difficult at home. The child will eventually see their home as their safe net, and more often than not complain they no longer want to go to school. Or worse, they may lock themselves inside their room and refuse to come out. Don’t take this personally. Your child being bullied is not the result of you having done something wrong in your parenting, it is the result of somebody else having done something wrong in their parenting. Your child may start skipping meals, or you may notice anti-social behaviour. Talk to your kid. Of course they will hesitate at first, but the more you show them you want to work with them not against them, they will slowly open up to you about what’s going on. As soon as you have somewhat of an idea of what they are going through, contact the school immediately. Do not contact the parents of the bully, no matter how close you think you may be. You will be surprised how many ‘friends’ of yours become defensive if you confront them that their child is a bully. After all, more often than not they wouldn’t even have a clue about their child’s behaviour. On that note, you have to make sure you know the full story to what is going on as well. There is nothing worse than confronting the school about an issue only for them to tell you your child was the one that was doing something wrong. Make your child comfortable enough to tell you the full story, and no matter what they did, tell them that you will support them and teach them what’s right. No one’s mistakes should cost them being bullied at school, and of course, if they have done something wrong, teach them the right thing to do and again, don’t take it personally. Once you have established the full story, leave it to the professionals to do their job. If you find the school isn’t helping with the situation, or making matters worse, then contact the parent, and if the parent isn’t understanding, contact the police or a higher authority. Bullying should never be tolerated and the aftermath can be even worse, with victims of bullying being 2 to 9 times more likely to consider self-harm or suicide. This statistic is alarming enough as a study conducted on 20,832 students aged between 8 and 14 years old showed that 1 in 4 students reported being bullied at school. Providing your child with the right resources will help guide them in a better direction, whether they’re as young as 5 years old, or even in their early/late teens. I will post a number of online resources below you may consider visiting to help your child if they’re struggling to open up to you. All these websites have various contact numbers, advice, and other resources to help free your child from their terrible circumstances.

National Centre Against Bullying

Kids Helpline

Bullying No Way!

Stop Bullying

Bullying UK

National Bullying Helpline

To the child that is currently being bullied, right now it may seem like the end of the world. It may seem like you don’t belong here or it may seem like nothing matters anymore. It may seem like nobody loves you, it may seem like nobody cares that you exist, it may seem like you have no friends or it may seem like you will never have any friends. Notice a repetitive pattern in what I’m saying? It may seem. Because this may look a certain way to you, but it is in no way accurate. You are worth so much more than what one disobedient child makes you feel like you are at school. Be kind to others. Love even when it seems like love doesn’t exist. The most important part of being a child is making the most of your younger years as these will never come again.   Just know, that no matter what happens you will get through this and you are not alone.

We stand by you.


The entire world.

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